ONE PRIZE is an Annual Design and Science Award to Promote Green Design in Cities.
Organized by:
ONE Lab Educational Facilities at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
"The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating man and women who are capable of doing new
things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and
discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered."
- Jean Piaget

ONE Lab is seeking design proposals for the Smart Dock that are both symbolic and buildable . The design should
symbolize the ideas and values of ONE Lab: Interdisciplinary learning, studio-based design, collaborative space, DIY
making, hacking. The Smart Dock should address the future of learning environments that inflects the trajectory of
experimental design schools into the new spaces of socio-ecological design in times of climate change.

Competition entries should develop strategies for the identity for ONE Lab as the educational and public component
of this vibrant center for design and science, with interfaces to state-of-the art equipment and a network of creative and
entrepreneurial affiliates. We intend to build the winning entry.
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Video by Nicholas Gervasi and Jesslyn Guntur
As part of the transformation of the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a green technology and sustainable manufacturing
complex, ONE Lab, a new school for design and science, will establish a collaborative teaching facility and public
outreach center for socio-ecological design, to open in 2015.

The ONE Lab Smart Dock will located inside the Navy Yard’s newly-renovated Building 128 -- an 84,000 square foot
former shipbuilding factory, which is being transformed into a high-tech center for design, prototyping, and new
manufacture. Entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses in disciplines ranging from additive manufacturing, biotech,
advanced robotics, architecture, and industrial design will work alongside one another in this unique space.

The ONE Lab Smart Dock will include spaces for lectures, events, and design studios for approximately thirty
graduate level students. It will function both as a visual reference and spatial matrix for ONE Lab, a unique
interdisciplinary research laboratory for industrial design, synthetic biology, landscape ecology, art, architecture, and
master planning, The Dock will be part of the communal core of work environments in the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s New
Lab innovation facility, which will be accessible to a variety of creative people and allow them to share equipment, like
laser cutters and three-dimensional printers.

Because of its location and history, the Navy Yard facility will serve as a launching point for both theoretical and
practical work that addresses smart design and the redevelopment of industrial and waterfront sites in New York and
other cities worldwide.

The Smart Dock is to be built within the building envelope of the overall renovation and engage it in imaginative and
productive ways. It should include approximately 2,000 sf of (interior) dedicated space as well as (approx. 2,000)
additional borrowed / transformable space inside the building. The Dock should provide studio / workspace for 30
students, office space for 8-10 faculty / administrators, as well as pin up / presentation / exhibition and event space
(s). There should be some additional research facilities, as well as lounge space / furnishings. A lab/kitchen and
eating space should be part of the program. Lighting, ample data and power should be provided, and possibilities for
projection of images should be integral to the concept. Capacities for transformation and flexible use will be
encouraged. The Smart Dock will not need climate control or its own WC facilities, as these will part of the renovation
of the existing structure. Some secondary elements can be located in the courtyard, but these are not required.

Since 2010, One Prize has awarded over $40,000 in prize money.

1st place     US $5000 + winning entry to be developed for construction.

2nd place    US $2000

3rd place     US $1000

Press coverage by One Prize media sponsors.
Presentation of Designs at Lectures and Exhibitions.
Prominent Year-Long Exposure on the Competition Website.

Documentation of the existing building and details of the program will be available upon receipt of the entry fee of
$100 for early registrants before June 30, 2014 and $150 thereafter.  

The Deadline for submission is August 31, 2014.

The competition brief should follow the format of


All submissions will be evaluated by the jury based on:
core premise and objectives
design approach developed at a conceptual level
opportunities for implementation

All submissions are non returnable and all registration fees are non refundable. Decisions regarding finalists and
winners are at the discretion of the selected jury and Terreform ONE.  Terreform ONE retains the right to use any and
all submitted work for press, publication, and exhibition purposes. Copyright to the work is retained by the original
author teams.

Email questions to: Maria Aiolova, LEED AP or Christian Hubert
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