1. Do students compete in a separate category?

No, students do not compete in a separate category. We receive a large number of student submissions every year,
many of which have been amongst our finalists and winners.

2. For the ONE Prize 2014 competition, is it permitted to work in groups?

Yes, the teams can have one or more members. There is no limit on the number of entries a given team may submit,
but each entry must pay the full entry fee.

3. Will you recommend sites for the proposal?

This year’s competition calls for a project to be built within the actual Brooklyn Navy Yard. For guidance on the
building requirements, we suggest you to review the Project Background and Building Brief available at

4. It is possible to receive more information about the building and its surroundings than the one existing at

All the documentation about the building is available here and is regularly updated. Please take a look at the ONE
Prize Statement: this is a "competition of ideas" rather than a very closely defined building brief.

5. Can the registered team, be revised upon submission of the entry?

Yes, absolutely. You can revise the team, its name and members, until the final submission on August 31.

6. What is the area high-lighted in red in the images provided? Is it the only location subject of the competition?

The area in red is the most likely location for the Smart Dock, but we are open to suggestions for other areas and for
alternative strategies of occupation that engage the site and our aspirations! You can for example play around with
floor levels in the red area.

7. Does somewhere within the whole existing structure/building we can use some extra space?  If so, where?  
Are we free to choose?

You are free to choose areas in the building for additional ONE Lab space.

8. Should Macro Sea project be taken into account?  Is the Smart Dock part of this project, or should we consider
both concepts separately?   

The actual renovation of the building 128 consists of rebuilding the shell – by the Navy Yard and government
agencies, following historical guidelines – and additional construction on the inside – by the developer and by
tenants. Some of the interior spaces will be shared, and some dedicated.

Macro Sea will be developing the whole building. They have plans that are more or less settled, but tenants will still
do additional work.
ONE Lab will most likely occupy the space we have indicated on our documents.
The Smart Dock project will need to complement the Macro Sea plans, but you can take liberties, especially in the
competition. Competition entries do not have to be too pragmatic and realistic. We are hoping to have ideas, images,
concepts that could be toned down later.

9. What is current situation of the building site?

The pictures sent to the registrants shows the building as it is now.

10. Is the intent of the proposed plan layout that if be used as a jumping off point, or should we assume that the
DD scheme will be built and we should work around it?

In actuality, the DD scheme will be built, although there may be some changes to it based on tenant requirements.
As far as the competition is concerned, we are open to ideas that involve changes to that scheme, and you should
feel free to suggest them.

11. Is the entire focus of the proposed space interiors? i.e. within a portion of the Navy Yard building shell?

If you decide to participate in the competition, we intend to build a structure that is entirely within the building
envelope, in an area we are discussing with the developer. It does not include outdoor space at this time. We will
include the actual constraints on building in our registration.
However, we will welcome more expansive and visionary proposals, that may include roof penetrations, imaginative
reuse of elements of the building – including the courtyard and water's edge, satellite research spaces in other
locations of the Navy Yard, deployable structures, etc.
We encourage you to think big while acknowledging that the actual project will be limited in size. Designs that exceed
our financial and spatial limitations will not be penalized for doing so.

12. Can we visit the site?

The 84,000 sf building shell (described at http://newlab.com/about/) is still an open steel structure and a construction
site. It's very impressive looking, but it's hard to see our proposed space from outside at this point. We can arrange
for you to come to the Navy Yard, but the building itself is fenced off.
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