Seeking architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists,
artists, students and individuals of all backgrounds:

How can we break the American love affair with the suburban lawn?
Can green houses be incorporated in skyscrapers?
What are the urban design strategies for food production in cities?
Can food grow on rooftops, parking lots, building facades?
What is required to remove foreclosure signs on lawns and convert them to gardens?

The ONE Prize award is an international competition and it is open to everyone. The teams can have one or more
members. The proposals can be for a real or speculative project, for one or more real sites, and located either in
the U.S. or applicable to U.S. sites. Further, the proposals need not be generated exclusively for this competition,
provided that they  address the intent of the competition.


The submission should include both visual and textual information, with pages formatted horizontally 11� by 17�.
Its length must not exceed 5 pages. The digital file, in PDF format @ 300 dpi, should not exceed 10 MB. No identifying
information should be included, as entries will be presented and judged anonymously. The presence of identifying
information will be grounds for automatic disqualification. To identify submissions, each applicant will receive a
registration number that must appear on the first page of the proposal, upper right corner. Upon receiving registration
applications, Terreform 1 will issue each registrant a registration number, which must appear on the first page of the
proposal or in the upper right hand corner.

A parallel competition offers students the opportunity to take on the challenge of From Mowing to Growing. All
programmatic intent is the same in the student competition as the regular competition. Entrants to this portion of the
competition, which comprises a single stage, may enter as individuals, independent teams, or through academic
studios under the leadership of an instructor. The competition organizers energetically encourage participation among
students, and are willing to work with instructors who wish to set the competition problems for the Spring 2010 term.
Each student (or student team) is required to submit 1 to 3 pages formatted horizontally 11� by 17� in digital form.
The student or student team will be assigned a registration number to affix to the board upon receipt of registration
application and fee. All selected projects will be included in the ONE PRIZE web exhibition.